Brant Oswald Fly Fishing Services also offers customized clinics on all aspects of fly casting, fly fishing, and fly tying.

Brant is also the casting instructor for the Sweetwater Travel guide school program out of Livingston, Montana. For more information or to book a spot in the Sweetwater guide school, call 866-464-8433 or email

Successful spring creek angling after a two-day clinic

One of the best ways to take advantage of our fishing experience and teaching ability is to book a clinic tailored to your own goals and schedule. This kind of clinic, focused on a specific technique or fishing situation, provides highly-effective instruction, as we can combine various aspects of the topic, including casting, “on the water” line handling and presentation techniques, knot tying, etc.

Here are some common scenarios for which a customized clinic is ideal:

  • A group of friends has booked its first bonefishing trip to the Caribbean. Everyone in the group needs to learn or improve their use of the double haul and other distance casting techniques as well as how to cast in windy conditions. A customized clinic for this group could also cover basic salt water knots and line handling techniques.
  • An experienced trout angler has booked his first trip to New Zealand and wants to work on the skills that will be tested on the back country streams of the South Island: spotting fish, casting accuracy at extended ranges – with minimal false casting, and consistent loop control with long leaders. A Montana fishing itinerary can be designed to mimic some New Zealand scenarios and incorporate instruction on these skills.
  • An intermediate angler (or a small group) realizes he always catches fish on nymphs when fishing with a guide, but is not sure how to fish nymphs effectively on his own. This clinic could cover some basic entomology, ideas behind fly selection, rigging techniques with various indicator types, and practice in mending and line control. As an outfitter, Brant (or one of his licensed guides) can then take the student from a practice session to the stream to apply these techniques in a real fishing situation. Many clinics of this type are best conducted as part classroom demonstration and part on-stream fishing practice.
Fly Tying Instruction

As a professional fly tier with 50 years of experience, Brant also offers fly tying instruction, either as individual or group lessons, or as an adjunct to other clinics or presentations.

Half-day fishing, casting
or fly-tying clinic
Full-day fishing, casting
or fly-tying clinic
$500 for up to 4 people$650 for up to 4 people

Email or call for more information or for rates for longer schools, a series of lessons, or other customized clinics.