Group Presentations

I have documented most of my fishing career with a camera, and I can offer a number of visual seminars to fly fishing clubs and other groups on a variety of fly fishing topics. I can also offer a combination of a program with a tying or casting demonstration, depending on the structure of a group’s meetings. If a group has a social hour before their meeting, I can do a tying demonstration while people are mingling, with the demo connected to the program material.

Conducting “stream survey work” at Armstrong Spring Creek

Programs Available Now

Fishing Montana’s Paradise Valley Spring Creeks
I developed this program to provide a complete travel guide to the spring creeks in our area – Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Armstrong – in the Yellowstone valley. It includes an overview of the fishing plus information on timing of hatches, weather considerations, and other trip planning information.

Advanced Spring Creek (and Tailwater) Tactics
This program takes a step beyond the basics of spring creek angling, providing more detailed information on tackle and leaders, sight fishing methods, reading riseforms, hatches and fly selection, and presentation techniques.

Lessons from the Spring Creeks
This program is an introduction to spring creek fishing for a more general audience, with less technical information and more scenic images and fish shots. This program is ideal for banquets or holiday meetings, when non-anglers may make up a good part of the audience.

Reading Water and Sight Fishing
Reading water is one of the key skills for any angler, and this program provides a detailed discussion of why fish are found in particular places and discusses strategy and tactics for a range of trout fishing scenarios. This program moves beyond reading water to include sight fishing techniques, with lessons drawn from experience as a spring creek guide and as an angler in New Zealand.

Off Season Fishing in Yellowstone Country
This program covers fishing in the Livingston/Bozeman area in the off season, with an emphasis on the spring (pre-run-off) period. The program includes trip planning information, as well as details on hatches and fishing techniques for the Yellowstone River, lower Madison River, area spring creeks (Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and O’Hair’s), and private lakes.

With reasonable lead time, I can develop a presentation customized to your group’s needs. Call or Email for details.