“I’ve spent two and a half decades as a fly fishing instructor and have always used Brant as the model for who and what I would someday like to be. I’ll never stop trying to catch up, but am content in the realization that Brant Oswald is the finest fly fishing and casting instructor I know, and probably ever will know.”
Ralph Cutter,  California School of Flyfishing

“Brant is as good as they come: reliable, conservationist, skillful, very patient, and well organized. Outstanding caster and fly tier with years of fishing and guiding in the Paradise Valley. He and his associates work hard to ensure all guests an enjoyable day on the river.”
Ralph Duggins,  Fort Worth, TX

“Brant, Lynn and I want to thank you again for a wonderful day on Armstrong. You went beyond what you would have been expected to do for a half-day trip and we really appreciate it. The day was perfect, the fishing was exciting and the lunch was just right. Also, the guide was knowledgeable, had a sense of humor, knew where the fish were and was very patient. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks again.” 
Jan & Lynn Perkins,  Bozeman, MT

“Brant Oswald is the most unusual guide and competent guide I have ever known or heard of. He started out learning fly casting from one of the best, Mel Krieger, then went on to teach casting in his schools. Since then he has taught many anglers to cast or improve their casting. He worked for George Anderson at Yellowstone Anglers for many years so knows tackle and flies for Montana fishing unlike few others. He has guided himself for a number of years on Montana spring creeks and rivers.

He teaches guides in special schools on how to guide and treat clients. I have sent several customers to him and they rave about his knowledge and competence on the stream, his help with their casting, and his congeniality and demeanor. If you go with Brant you, too, will have a memorable experience.”
the late Tom Morgan,  Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

“I’ve known Brant for a long time, but mostly by phone and e-mail until 2009 when I moved to Montana and have been fortunate enough to be able to teach fly casting and fish with Brant on a few “busmans holiday” fishing trips with other guide friends. Brant is the perfect combination of expert caster, angler and instructor, and great fun to be with even if fishing is slow. Brant is extremely knowledgeable, not only of things fly fishing, but of the fascinating natural and human history of his part of Montana. Brant is the consummate angler, instructor, hunter, naturalist who is also very personable. I sincerely look forward to any opportunity to teach or fish with Brant.”
Bruce Richards,  Ennis, MT

“Brant, I wanted to take a moment now that I am back in town and thank you for last Friday. The experience was truly one of the most memorable fishing adventures that I have ever had. Great company and great scenery. I appreciate your approach to guiding. You are very informative and knowledgeable. I could tell you have a passion for the water and the bugs. It was apparent you were not out there just to collect a pay check. Thanks for the memories. Hope to get back out soon and be sure to send pictures!”
Chris I., Aiso Viejo, CA

Brant on the water